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The History of England by A. E. Pollard

mighty subjects. Diaz doubles the Cape of Good Hope.
1492. Columbus discovers West Indies.

1496-1497. Cabot discovers Newfoundland and Labrador.


1512-1529. Wolsey.

1529-1536. The Reformation Parliament. The submission of the Clergy,

Acts of Annates, Appeals (1532-1533) and Supremacy (1534).

1536. Suppression of the Monasteries and Pilgrimage for Grace.

1539. Act of Six Articles.

1547-1553. EDWARD VI and the Protestant Reformation.

1549. First Act of Uniformity and Book of Common Prayer. Kett's


1552. Second Act of Uniformity and Book of Common Prayer.

1553-1558. MARY and the Roman Catholic reaction. Spanish control in



1559. The Elizabethan settlement of religion.

1560. Elizabeth assists the Scots to expel the French.

1568-1569. Flight of Mary Queen of Scots into England, and rebellion of

the northern earls.

1570. Papal excommunication and deposition of Elizabeth.

1571. Ridolfi's plot.

1572. Execution of Norfolk and extinction of English dukedoms.

Beginning of the Dutch Republic. Massacre of St. Bartholomew.

1577-1580. Drake sails round the world.

1587. Execution of Mary Queen of Scots.

1588. Spanish Armada.

1599-1601. Conquest of Ireland.

1600. Foundation of East India Company.

1603. JAMES VI of Scotland and I of England.

1607. Foundation of Virginia.

1608. Plantation of Ulster.

1620. Sailing of the Mayflower.

1623. Re-creation of dukedoms. Massacre of Amboyna.

1625. CHARLES I.

1628. Petition of Right.

1629. First British capture of Quebec.

1629-1640. The "Eleven Years' Tyranny."

1638-1639. National Covenant. Bishops' war in Scotland.

1640. The Long Parliament.

1642. First Civil War.

1648. Second Civil War.

1649. THE COMMONWEALTH. Abolition of monarchy and the House of Lords.

1650-1651. Navigation Acts and Dutch War.

1653. THE PROTECTORATE. First Cromwellian constitution.

1657. Second Cromwellian constitution.


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