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The History of England by A. E. Pollard

1658. Cromwell's death.
1660. The Restoration. CHARLES II.

1662. The last Act of Uniformity.

1664. War with the Dutch: conquest of New Netherlands

1667. Fall of Clarendon. The Cabal administration.

1670. Treaty of Dover.

1672. Declaration of Indulgence.

1673. Danby. The Test Act.

1678. Titus Gates' Plot.

1679. Habeas Corpus Act.

1681. Charles II's triumph over the Whigs.

1685. JAMES II. Monmouth's and Argyll's rebellions.

1688. The Revolution. WILLIAM III and MARY.

1689. Bill of Rights. Toleration Act.

1690. Battle of the Boyne.

1694. Bank of England established.

1696. The Whig Junto.

1701. Act of Settlement.

1702. ANNE. War with France.

1704. Capture of Gibraltar. England becomes a Mediterranean power.

1707. Act of Union with Scotland.

1708. Capture of Minorca.

1708-1710. Whig ministry.

1710-1714. Tory ministry.

1713. Peace of Utrecht.

1714. GEORGE I and the Hanoverian dynasty.

1721-1742. Walpole's administration. Evolution of the Cabinet and Prime

Minister. Growth of imports and exports,

1727. GEORGE II.

1739. War with Spain.

1741-1748. War of the Austrian Succession. Clive in India.

1756-1763. Seven Years' War.

1757. Battle of Plassey.

1759. Capture of Quebec.


1764-1779. Inventions by Arkwright, Hargreaves, and Crompton. Beginning

of the Industrial Revolution.

1765. Grenville's Stamp Act.

1770. Lord North Prime Minister. Captain Cook surveys Australia and New


1774. The Quebec Act.

1776. Declaration of American Independence. Adam Smith's Wealth of

1778-1779. France and Spain join the Americans.

1780. The "Armed Neutrality." Warren Hastings saves India.

1781. Fall of Yorktown.


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