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The History of England by A. E. Pollard

1782. Volunteer movement In Ireland. Irish parliamentary independence.
1783. American Independence granted.

1784. Pitt Prime Minister: his India Bill.

1788. Convict settlement in Australia.

1789. French Revolution.

1791. The Canadian Constitutional Act.

1794. The "Glorious First of June."

1795-1796. Conquest of the Cape and of Ceylon.

1797. Battles of St. Vincent and Camperdown.

1798. Battle of the Nile. Irish rebellion.

1799. Wellesley in India. Capture of Seringapatam. Partition of Mysore

and the Carnatic.

1800. Union of Great Britain and Ireland. Seizure of Malta.

1801. Battle of Copenhagen.

1802. Peace of Amiens.

1803. Battles of Assye and Argaum. Defeat of the Mahrattas.

1805. Battle of Trafalgar.

1806. Second capture of the Cape.

1808-1814. Peninsular War.

1810. Capture of Mauritius.

1812-1814. War with the United States.

1814. Corn Laws passed.

1815. Battle of Waterloo.

1820. GEORGE IV.

1825. Huskisson's Tariff Reform.

1827. Battle of Navarino.

1828. Corn Laws revised.

1828-1829. Repeal of Test Act. Roman Catholic Emancipation.

1830. WILLIAM IV. Whigs return to power.

1832. First Reform Act. Representative Government established in


1834-1835. Reform of the Poor Law and Municipal corporations.

1837. QUEEN VICTORIA. Mackenzie and Papineau's rebellions in Canada.

Great Boer "trek."

1840. Annexation of New Zealand.

1841-1846. Peel's Free Trade policy.

1842. Representative government in Australia.

1846. Corn Laws repealed.

1848. Responsible self-government In Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova


1849. Repeal of the Navigation Acts.

1852. Responsible government developed In Australia and New Zealand.

1853. Representative government in Cape Colony.

1854-1856. Crimean War.

1855. Responsible government in Newfoundland. 1856. Representative

government in Natal.


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