Classic History Books

The History of England by A. E. Pollard

Medley's Constitutional History of England (Blackwell).

Periods can be studied in greater detail in - J. R. GREEN: The Making of England and The
Conquest of England
(Macmillan). FREEMAN: Norman Conquest, 6 vols., and William
, 2 vols. (Oxford University Press). NORGATE: England under the Angevins , 2 vols.,
and John Lackland (Macmillan). RAMSAY: Lancaster and York, 2 vols. FROUDE:

History of England
, 1529-1588, 12 vols. (Longmans). GARDINER: History of England,
1603-1642, 10 vols.; Civil War, 1642-1649, 4 vols.; Commonwealth and Protectorate,

1649-1656, 4 vols. (Longmans). MACAULAY: History of England, 1685-1702 (Longmans).

LECKY: History of England , 1714-1793, 7 vols.; Ireland, 1714-1800, 5 vols.

(Longmans). SPENCER WALPOLE: History of England, 1815-1846, 6 vols. HERBERT PAUL:

History of Modern England, 1846-1895, 5 vols. (Macmillan). MORLEY: Life of

, 2 vols. (Macmillan).

English Constitutional History is detailed in - STUBBS: Constitutional History to 1485, 3 vols.
(Oxford University Press). HALLAM: Constitutional History, 1485-1760, 3 vols. (Murray).

ERSKINE MAY: Constitutional History, 1760-1860, 3 vols. (Longmans). ANSON: Law and

Custom of the Constitution,
3 vols. (Oxford University Press). DICEY: Custom of the

For Ecclesiastical History see STEPHENS and HUNT'S History of the Church of England, 7
vols. (Macmillan); for Colonial History, SEELEY'S Expansion of England (Macmillan), and

The British Empire (ed. Pollard; League of the Empire); for Economic and Industrial History,

CUNNINGHAM'S Growth of Industry and Commerce , 3 vols.; ASHLEY'S Economic

, 2 vols. (Macmillan), and TOYNBEE'S Industrial Revolution; for sketches of
movements and biographies, see MACAULAY'S Essays (Longmans), STUBB'S Lectures

on Mediaeval and Modern History
(Oxford University Press), and POLLARD'S Factors in
Modern History


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