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At Classic History books, you can read famous historic books online that are based on various aspects of the World's history. You can also read the bios of these authors. Some authors are not well known and therefore there is little documented about them. Other authors, like Carl Russell Fish, have built a name for themselves, which brings more respect for the books they've written.

Below you will find links to various books written from a historian account. Whether you want to learn the history of a country (like England) or contraptions (like hot air balloons and air ships), you will gain great historic insight from reading these books online for free.

Classic History Book Title Author
The Winning of Canada - A Chronicle of Wolfe William Wood
The Mastery of the Air William J Claxton
The History of England A. F. Pollard
How Jerusalem Was Won W. T. Massey
The Path of Empire: A Chronicle of United States Carl Russell Fish
Great Britain and Her Queen Anne E. Keeling

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