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Carl Russell Fish was born in 1876 and died in 1932. In addition to his work at writing history books and as a historian, he also taught history at the University of Wisconsin as the Professor of History. In his lifetime, he wrote six books.

On October 17, 1876, Russell was born in Central Falls, Rhode Island. He achieved both a Masters degree and Doctoral degree from the famous Harvard University.

Russell had a book, The Growth of American Nationality, dedicated to him.

Books by Carl Russell Fish
The Path of Empire: A Chronicle of United States as a World Power
The American Civil War: An Interpretation
The Rise of the Common Man
The Civil Service and Patronage
The Development of American Nationality
American Diplomacy

Book Excerpts

Carl Russell Fish on Classic History Books
The Path of Empire: A Chronicle of United States as a World Power (read now for free)

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