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The History of England by A. E. Pollard

1857. Indian Mutiny.
1858. Transference of India to the Crown.

1867. Disraeli's Reform Act. Federation of the Dominion of Canada.

1869. Disestablishment of the Irish Church. Opening of the Suez Canal.

1870. Compulsory education.

1872. Abolition of purchase in the army by executive action.

Responsible government in Cape Colony.

1876. Queen proclaimed Empress of India.

1876-1877. Russo-Turkish War. Dual control established in Egypt.

Annexation of the Transvaal.

1881. Transvaal granted independence.

1882. British administration of Egypt begins.

1885. Fall of Khartoum. Gladstone's Reform Act. Annexation of Burma.

1887. Triple Alliance of Germany, Austria, and Italy.

1889. Establishment of County Councils.

1890. Free Education. Franco-Russian entente. Responsible

government in Western Australia.

1893. Responsible government in Natal.

1894. Establishment of district and parish councils.

1895. Jameson Raid.

1896-1898. Reconquest of the Sudan.

1899-1903. The Great Boer War.

1900. Establishment of the Australian Commonwealth.


1904. Russo-Japanese War.

1905. Anglo-Japanese alliance.

1906-1907. Responsible government granted to the Transvaal and Orange

River Colonies.

1909. The Union of South Africa.

1910. GEORGE V.

1911. Asquith's Parliament Act. Capital of India transferred from

Calcutta to Delhi. Beginnings of National Insurance.



J. R. GREEN'S Short History of the English People (Macmillan), and C. R. L. FLETCHER'S
Introductory History of England, 4 vols. (Murray), both eminently readable in very different

styles, illustrate the diverse methods of treatment to which English history lends itself. More elaborate

surveys are provided by LONGMANS' Political History of England, 12 vols. (edited by W. Hunt

and R. L. Poole), and METHUEN'S History of England, 7 vols. (edited by C. Oman).

The student of Constitutional History should begin with F. W. MAITLAND'S Lectures on
Constitutional History
(Cambridge University Press), and for a compendium of facts may use


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